ePortfolios at Virginia Tech: Our Scaling Up Story

This post shares the story of how the ePortfolio Initiatives office scaled up the use of electronic portfolios at Virginia Tech. It should be noted that those of us working in the ePortfolio Initiatives office, now referred to as Active Technologies for Engaged Learning, have never considered ourselves owners of ePortfolios at Virginia Tech. In this way, we openly and broadly acknowledge that there are many faculty and instructors at the university who have and will continue to utilize electronic portfolios on their own accord and without any collaboration with our office. That said, we are institutionally supported and offer formal support and development for all faculty, students, and academic organizations wishing to engage with folio thinking processes on and off campus. This post shares the ways in which, over four phases of development, our campus’ use of ePortfolios has grown from small pilot programs to widespread consideration and adoption of learning processes associated with ePortfolios.

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