University of Delaware – Matching the Technology to ePortfolio Use

Our contributions with the Connect to Learning (C2L) project have centered around the integrated Teaching, Learning, and Assessment (TLA) ePortfolio implemented at the program level. This ePortfolio project implied program faculty ownership. Initially we found most of our faculty and students associated the term “ePortfolio” with a student-owned, presentation portfolio used for post-graduate career purposes. So we spent some time early in our consulting with faculty to clarify the purpose or use of the TLA ePortfolio.  Using technology tools that already existed on our campus, this endeavor was supported primarily via the Sakai OSP Matrix and later Google Sites. Our Technology Story is a summary of our experience working with a range of academic programs on ePortfolio implementation and centers on faculty expectations and requirements of a platform, faculty development, technical considerations, and student engagement.

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