University of Delaware – Assessment – Integral to the TLA

The UD has piloted an academic program-based Teaching, Learning, and Assessment (TLA) ePortfolio, using the Sakai OSP platform. We had hoped that the matrix system developed within Sakai OSP would provide the Center for Teaching & Assessment of Learning (CTAL) with assessment data for both programmatic and institutional assessment of General Education goals. While data can be pulled and student artifacts can be reviewed and rated, the data reporting demands additional programming and customization per department goals, rubrics, and research questions which in turn leads to significant resource and time and resource allocation; as of January 2013, 1 / 14 pilots (Undergraduate Research Program) has requested assessment data. The data has allowed us to examine URP’s effectiveness in assisting students in attaining General Education goals and has provided actionable data that led to concrete improvement results; for URP pilot click here.

URP Assessment Reports Summer 2010, Summer 2011, Summary Report 2011-2012, Summer Report 2012-2013

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