Experienced ePortfolio practitioners know that “pedagogy drives technology” and meaningful ePortfolio practices involve a complex interplay among teaching, learning and technology. The technological aspect of ePortfolio, while not primary or singular in importance, can nonetheless play a critical role in supporting and enhancing — or, in some cases, hindering — campus efforts to realize ePortfolio’s transformative potential.

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Featured Campus Stories:


Variety and Student Choice: SLCC’s Technology Story

Students at Salt Lake Community College’s students use free Web 2.0 platforms to build their ePortfolios. SLCC supports three: Weebly, WordPress, Google Sites. Giving students platform options offers another opportunity for them to take ownership of and responsibility for their learning because they choose the space in which they will show and tell the story of their learning at SLCC.
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Mahara: From Bucket List to Implementation

In one year, Pace University went from scattered ePortfolio usage and awareness to an institutional approach with a vision, a template and Mahara. Our talented team of programmers customized Mahara and created critical links to Banner that made this platform work for us in some key ways. Through Mahara, we were able to create a university-wide accepted platform that met the needs of a variety of stakeholders and was available to all students, even after graduation.
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ePortfolio as a Pedagogy, Not a Technology

Our technology story demonstrates that we consider “ePortfolio as a pedagogy rather than as a technology.” The Lehman College: School of Education is currently using Taskstream as the ePortfolio provider. It has been quite a journey since 2008, when initial discussions about piloting ePortfolios began.
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