IUPUI – Social Pedagogy: Working Together to Develop Metacognition and Professional Identity

The developing senior capstone seminar in art history at IUPUI uses integrative social pedagogy for two main purposes: to help students integrate their learning in the major, and to enable them to develop higher levels of metacognition about their learning and their emerging professional identities. The latter focuses on the primary product of the course: a senior capstone paper or research project. The course was developed in 2010-11 to provide a curricular locus for writing the capstone paper, with ePortfolio envisioned as a platform for engaging students in reflection and peer feedback related to the goals of integration and metacognition. Since first offering the course in Spring 2011, the course instructor has each year refined the reflection prompts and structure for learning how to provide professional-level peer review. Program faculty members have welcomed students’ descriptions of their experience of the major and what they believe they have learned, and the instructor has noted improvements each spring in the depth of peer reviews and students’ responses to those reviews. The department is now seriously considering introducing ePortfolio upon entry to the program to offer students more frequent opportunities to make connections across their undergraduate learning.

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