Assessing General Education Outcomes with ePortfolios at SLCC

Before implementing ePortfolios, Salt Lake Community College had never directly assessed student work in its General Education program. Since our ePortfolio implementation—which began in 2010—we have conducted one pilot assessment and two full assessments of General Education learning outcomes. Our project is clearly at the transforming stage, as ePortfolio assessment of General Education is firmly established and integrated into SLCC’s broader assessment and accreditation efforts. Our two full assessments of General Education learning outcomes have been publicized to the college community, and have been the subject of conversations in our Quality Higher Education Council. We still face the challenge of actually closing the loop on the recommendations written into our General Education assessment reports, as the ePortfolio office is not in an administrative position to influence the actions of our Faculty Teaching and Learning Center or the Associate Deans who lead specific disciplines.

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