SFSU – Scaling up while drilling down: How an expanding ePortfolio initiative dives into the first-year experience

Since 2005, San Francisco State University has been building resident expertise and organizational capacity to advance efforts on the development, use, and sustainability of electronic portfolios (ePortfolios) and related support services. The project began within one graduate program and has continued to grow from “the ground up” through departmental/program implementation to 22 programs. From 2009-12, the demand for ePortfolios continued to grow with approximately 1,600-2,000 accounts being issued annually and actively used for an average of two years prior to graduation by students across a range of 22 department/programs (3,000-4,000 active portfolios during students time at SF State). While Academic Technology has helped SF State ‘scale up’ its number of users, it also took on a project to ‘drill down’ and provide extensive support to assist the Metro Academies undergraduate retention program with deeply integrating ePortfolios into its program. All accounts (supported with Academic Technology) are created through a hosted solution, MyeFolio, and have continued to be maintained for potential program accreditation purposes when requested.

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