C2L Analysis of Scaling Up


Scaling Up an ePortfolio project is a developmental process. Projects emerge in one part of an institution and then grow, as more faculty, courses, and programs start to work with ePortfolio. As they scale, Randy Bass has suggested, ePortfolio projects increasingly serve as networks of connections–linking students and faculty, programs and majors, institutional initiatives such as General Education, outcomes assessment, and High-Impact Practices. Through such connections, ePortfolio projects deepen pedagogical practices and introduce rich views of student learning into the everyday flows of teaching, assessment, and curriculum design.

Building a successful ePortfolio project takes sustained effort, particularly in the sectors of the Catalyst Framework: Pedagogy, Technology, Outcomes Assessment and Professional Development. Successful ePortfolio teams work intentionally across these sectors, developing reflective social pedagogies, managing new technologies, and guiding professional development and outcomes assessment processes. At the same time, campus teams take on a range of additional Scaling tasks intended to nurture the initiative and support the growth of an ePortfolio-based learning culture.

Our analysis of C2L Scaling Up Stories highlights ways the scaling process stimulates a network of connections, leading to broader institutional learning and change. In addition, we present Ten Core Strategies that successful ePortfolio leaders use to catalyze growth and learning across an institution.

Growing Effective ePortfolio Initiatives

Launching a campus ePortfolio initiative is no guarantee of success. On some campuses, ePortfolio projects grow and thrive; others stagnate or disappear altogether. What are the strategies that effective ePortfolio leaders use to launch and grow the use of ePortfolio at their institution? In what ways do these leaders connect ePortfolio use to key institutional structures and processes? How do these connections help catalyze growth and learning across an institution?

Click here to read the Catalyst essay, “Scaling Up: Growing Effective ePortfolio Initiatives.”

Scaling Strategies and ePortfolio as a Catalyst for Change

Developing and scaling ePortfolio initiatives poses challenging design problems, because ePortfolio practices must straddle established and emerging paradigms of higher education. Bridging these paradigms, the process of scaling an ePortfolio initiative can advance the emergence of a new vision for higher education.

Click here to read Randall Bass’s Catalyst essay, “Scaling Strategies and ePortfolio as a Catalyst for Change.”

Ten Core Scaling Up Strategies

Reviewing campus practices across the Connect to Learning network, our analysis identified a set of ten widely used Core Strategies that teams use to scale their initiatives.

Click here to read Core Strategies 1 – 5.

Click here to read Core Strategies 6 – 10.

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