Scaling Up Story: Picking Up the Pace with ePortfolios

Pace University’s ePortfolio team focused on incorporating ePortfolios into the teaching and learning experience, though we have also tried to promote ePortfolios for assessment and career development. ePortfolios span through various core and major courses. One pleasant surprise is how may graduate programs have adopted ePortfolios in courses and overall program assessment. Contributing elements to our scaling up story include the team of student eterns and a commitment by the University to support the Mahara ePortfolio platform. There is also a University cross-campus interdepartmental advisory board; a faculty development Teaching Circles initiative; and institutionally supported use of ePortfolios for tenure and promotion.

In addition the University is engaged in multidisciplinary assessment pilots using ePortfolios to evaluate evidence of Core Curriculum learning outcomes. Another new effort is our outreach to individual departments, especially in the Arts and Sciences.

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