C2L Analysis on Professional Development


Professional development and Centers for Teaching and Learning play pivotal roles in advancing effective ePortfolio initiatives and developing an institutional learning culture. ePortfolio is not a “plug-and-play” technology; in fact, many consider it a disruptive force. And effective ePortfolio pedagogy requires faculty and staff to rethink many assumptions about teaching and learning. Experienced leaders know the power of using student work as the basis for improving pedagogy, practice and curriculum.

Using ePortfolio Pedagogy and Technology to enhance student learning can be challenging. Engaging participants in planning, testing and reflecting on ways to integrate ePortfolio into their work, professional development helps shift ePortfolio from a disruptive to a transformative practice that enhances student, faculty, and staff learning. As a result, professional development is a central component of C2L campus ePortfolio projects and one of the five sectors of the Catalyst framework key to effective classroom use and broader Scaling Up processes.

The Catalyst site showcases a wide range of professional development practices and stories, describing ways they help faculty and staff use ePortfolio to build student engagement and learning.

Inquiry, Reflection and Integration in Professional Development

Looking across the range of professional development offerings in the C2L network, we find the most effective practices demonstrate and incorporate the use of Inquiry, Reflection and Integration. This essay explores the ways these design principles shape professional development practice.

Click here for the Catalyst Essay, Inquiry, Reflection and Integration in Professional Development.

Professional Development: Effective Strategies in the C2L Network

C2L campus teams shared examples of successful ePortfolio-related professional development practices on their campuses. Reviewing these practices, we identified seven common strategies that campus teams used and reported as successful. This essay provides brief descriptions of these strategies and links to sample practices.

Click here for the Catalyst Essay, Professional Development: Effective Strategies in the C2L Network.

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