Outcomes Assessment

In an era where higher education is increasingly asked to demonstrate and enhance what students are learning, the development of meaningful approaches to outcomes assessment is a growing priority. On C2L campuses, ePortfolio-based outcomes assessment advances student, faculty, and institutional learning.


Outcomes Assessment Stories

Campus teams share narratives across a developmental spectrum.

Featured Campus Stories:


A Transforming Outcomes Assessment Story…

Are We Who We Think We Are?

At Northeastern University, ePortfolios provide a window into student self-perception. Viewed as a whole, an ePortfolio is a construct of identity created by the student. As a collection, ePortfolios depict a community of learners, making it possible for us to spot patterns that are not readily apparent in enrollment statistics.
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A Developing Outcomes Assessment Story…

Outcomes Assessment: Focusing on Abilities

The Business Administration Program at Tunxis Community College developed an integrated outcomes assessment program focused on program and general education abilities, beginning as students enter the program and culminating in the program capstone course.
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An Emerging Outcomes Assessment Story…

Sky’s the Limit: Using Our Bold History to Make the Most of
Our Digital Future

Standing on the shoulders of a forty-year-old portfolio tradition, Manhattanville College is exploring the ways its rich history of assessing the quality and character of our students’ learning through their paper portfolio submissions can lead to a promising digital future of ePortfolio-based Outcomes Assessment. Our efforts to integrate ePortfolio into Outcomes Assessment fall somewhere between emerging and developing.
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