Northeastern University – Zooming In & Out

This reflective pedagogy practice describes the use of ePortfolios within two fully online courses in a Masters-level program. The program is also fully online, and it includes an ePortfolio requirement.

The author uses ePortfolios to help students make connections, co-construct knowledge, and gain perspective on their learning. Students use their portfolios as a space for extracting major insights from reams of text in threaded discussions and group-based wikis. The portfolio cycle of reflection, in conjunction with social pedagogy, helps students zoom in and out on their learning.

The case studies described in this piece demonstrate how the same activity can be adapted to support a similar cycle of learning in two different courses within a Master of Education program. The essential elements of course design are generalizable to other teaching contexts. When used in conjunction with other technologies such as threaded discussions and wikis, the portfolio and its process of use serve as microscope, magnifying lens, and telescope.

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