Manhattanville College – Our Technology Story

We were initially propelled to explore ePortfolios by a strong faculty sentiment to transition our long paper portfolio tradition to an electronic platform. Additionally, we hoped to increase student engagement with our Portfolio system through the use of technology. We began our exploration of ePortfolios as both technology and pedagogy in Spring 2010 with participation in the Making Connections seminar through LaGuardia Community College. During this time, we were exposed to various platforms, both proprietary and open source, and also were able to talk with campuses who had already implemented both kinds of platforms. Knowledge of our IT infrastructure, including its capabilities and limitations, was integral to our decision making process. Additionally, prioritizing the needs and desires of our faculty and students were equally important as we decided what vendors to bring onto our campus. Ultimately, we selected Digication as our platform of choice for our Manhattanville Portfolio System.

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