The Manhattanville Portfolio System: Using Inquiry and Reflection to Support Integration across a Student’s College Career

Manhattanville College has a 40-year-old paper Portfolio System, successful completion of which is a graduation requirement for all undergraduates. The Connecting to the Liberal Arts essay is a narrative examination of the importance of the liberal arts to the student’s education, both inside and outside of the classroom. This essay provides the opportunity to explore the courses that have been taken, what students have gained from these courses, how they have helped a student to identify a major and minor area of study, and how they will shape the student’s remaining time at Manhattanville. This essay provides an opportunity for the student to analyze her/his intellectual goals and growth, and to reflect on how the chosen program of courses relates to his/her goals. The rubric is attached to the essay. This essay must be signed by the student’s advisor, and is reviewed by two members of the Board on Academic Standards (BOAS), an elected committee of nine faculty members. The essay is evaluated on the basis of its breadth and depth; an adapted VALUE rubric forms the basis of its assessment.

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