Manhattanville College – Sky’s the Limit: Using our bold history to make the most of our digital future

Our efforts to integrate the use of ePortfolio for supporting Outcomes Assessment on our campus fall somewhere between emerging and developing. These nascent efforts, however, are significantly enhanced by the fact that the Manhattanville College strategic plan explicitly includes the integration of ePortfolio into college-wide teaching, learning and assessment practices. Members of our ePortfolio team serve on key committees charged with the development, oversight and assessment of our general education and discipline-based curricula. These conditions provide us with invaluable opportunities for influencing and facilitating curriculum development and continuous improvement planning that is outcomes driven. Our new core curriculum is being developed with ePortfolio-supported outcomes assessment in mind, and an ever-increasing number of faculty, departments and programs are beginning to use ePortfolio as the platform in/through which they conduct authentic and holistic Outcomes Assessment designed to improve student learning.

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