Lehman College – Social Pedagogy: Engaging with Professional Colleagues

In many respects seizing the moments to reflect on and to illustrate pathways to collaborative professional engagement is a central feature to teaching and learning science and learning how to teach science. It is important to gain awareness of the relationships connecting our systems of meaning, including how we approach the ideas of others, and our collaborative experiences as science educators. Accordingly, the emphasis of this ePortfolio assignment is to illustrate achievement and growth in the collaborative professional process and its implications for learning science and learning how to teach science. In this assignment, participants (with their collaborators) are required to create a scholarly science/science education collaborative ePortfolio entry that illustrates growth and achievement in the context a professional collaborative science education experience. The collaborative experience may be currently ongoing or may have been completed in the past. The collaborative entry is incorporated in the participant’s final capstone ePortfolio project.

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