LaGuardia CC – Holistic Evaluation of ePortfolios through Rubrics: A Professional Development Exercise

This activity aims to draw faculty attention to the integrative qualities of LaGuardia student ePortfolios and to stimulate pedagogies that make integration routine for students.

The steps of the activity are as follows:

Day 1

Preliminary: A PowerPoint presentation on the value and mechanics of rubrics presented by one of the seminar leaders

Step 1: Constructing your own ePortfolio rubric

Working collaboratively with your partners, please discuss and then develop a single rubric for holistic evaluation of ePortfolios that could potentially be implemented in your courses. You might first think about the content included in and competencies evinced by students’ ePortfolios. Then you will need to determine together the scale (descriptive? point-based?), the dimensions (categories) for the evaluation, and the criteria descriptions (i.e., what separates the highest-possible score from the next-highest, and so on).

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