IUPUI Professional Development: Learning Planned and Unexpected

Professional development for ePortfolio use at IUPUI has adapted to evolution of the campus ePortfolio Initiative itself, including changes in our thinking about the pedagogical and organizational implications of ePortfolio. During the earliest phase of IUPUI’s ePortfolio Initiative, roughly 2003-2007, professional development largely took the form of individual consultations between instructors and staff members in the IUPUI Center for Teaching and Learning. Such consultations continue today on a larger scale, with additional support for individuals and groups coming from University Information Technology Services, Indiana University’s central IT unit. Since 2007, professional development has also been identified with focused workshops co-sponsored by the ePortfolio Initiative and the IUPUI Center for Teaching and Learning. Beginning in 2009, several larger ePortfolio projects on campus have offered their own workshops, usually with some support from the ePortfolio Initiative. And these projects, as well as the campus initiative as a whole, have convened various groups charged with developing strategies or implementing the use of ePortfolio in the curriculum and co-curriculum. Such groups themselves have often served as powerful forums for professional development.

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