IUPUI – Assessment Is Everyone’s Business

Most, if not all, of the approximately 40 programs that have adopted ePortfolio at IUPUI are making some use of it for assessment, but there is no single, monolithic set of assessment practices (or assessment rubrics) used by all. In many cases, especially for disciplines subject to specialized accreditation, assessment has been the primary driver of ePortfolio adoption. In others, programs that are primarily implementing ePortfolio for developmental or showcase purposes also recognize its value as a source of authentic evidence of student achievement. While we do not have a campus-wide practice of using ePortfolio to assess general education outcomes, several programs are using it for this purpose, and ePortfolio is written into the plan for a new general education distribution program implemented in Fall 2013.

Our challenge, if anything, is to persuade some programs to look beyond assessment, to enrich their use of ePortfolio by recognizing and availing themselves of its potential to support student learning and development. In some quarters, the perception that ePortfolio is primarily a vehicle for assessment has hindered its adoption. The electronic Personal Development Plan, our focus in C2L, holds promise to help broaden faculty understanding of what ePortfolio can contribute to curriculum, pedagogy, advising, and student development.

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