A “Wide-Angled” ePortfolio Initiative in Hunter’s School of Education

Hunter’s School of Education is actively exploring the school-wide use of ePortfolios for outcomes assessment. Faculty in the School of Education have been using ePortfolios in a variety of ways, from course-level reflective and culminating ePortfolios to program-wide portfolios that are used as assessment tools both for and of learning. The new state teacher performance assessment (edTPA) has created new interest in linking ePortfolios and outcomes assessment. A School of Education steering committee has been exploring how to redesign teacher education programs to promote coherence. Using ePortfolios for outcomes assessment has become central to this redesign work, which aims to foster an institutional culture that is learning-focused, outcomes-driven, and student-centered. The School of Education is poised to launch a school-wide ePortfolio initiative in 2014.

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