Georgetown University – Outcomes Assessment Story

Updated as of 1/6/14

At Georgetown, most outcome assessment tied to ePortfolios happens ad hoc at the course level. There have been conversations about using ePortfolios to identify the acquisition of program-wide skills, but no programs have yet committed to using ePortfolios exclusively for formal, program-wide assessment. More often, individual faculty members will ask students to develop an ePortfolio to demonstrate that they have met the key goals of the class. A particular track in our nursing program, for example, uses portfolios for outcomes assessment as students prepare for their nursing exams, but many students there choose to create a traditional paper portfolio rather than an ePortfolio, both of which are options.

We have been reaching out to departments with more information on how ePortfolios could help them identify the success of their programs for student learning. We also offer help developing rubrics to faculty interested in using rubrics to evaluate ePortfolios.

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