Doing Things Differently: Scaling Up at Guttman Community College

Guttman Community College’s scaling up story, in many ways, begins in August 2012, when we welcomed our first group of students to the college. But, in another important way, the conversation and focus on ePortfolio and learning began earlier than that, in the initial planning phases of the college. From the onset of the planning and preparation for this new college, the focus of our work has been to “do things differently.” The use of ePortfolio is no exception to this mantra. We began with ePortfolio “at scale” – by the end of the first week of our Summer Bridge program every student at the college had an ePortfolio. In that first year, we were only 300 students and approximately 15 full-time faculty; we accomplished a tremendous amount while encountering many challenges along the way. Guttman’s Scaling Up Story, while it does not span a large timeframe, is rich in successes, challenges, and lessons learned about the process of creating an institutional culture of learning using ePortfolio.

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