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BC_CVirginia Tech takes a hands-on, engaging approach to education, preparing scholars to be leaders in their fields and communities. As the commonwealth’s most comprehensive university and its leading research institution, Virginia Tech offers 215 undergraduate and graduate degree programs to more than 30,000 students and manages a research portfolio of more than $450 million. Below you’ll find all of the resources submitted by Virginia Tech during for the C2L Project.



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Virginia Tech – Technology Story

We have been deeply involved with ePortfolio technology since 2006 or earlier; we have had significant use and development of the Sakai portfolio tools since 2008; and we are currently working to promote and support a wide variety of platforms and technologies to enhance the diverse teaching and learning goals of the faculty at our university. Read more [...]

Virginia Tech – Reflective Process in the Dietetics: Human Nutrition, Foods and Exercise ePortfolio

The Dietetics: Human Nutrition, Foods and Exercise ePortfolio engages students in cyclic, reflective learning across the duration of an intense Dietetics program, while simultaneously asking students to reflect on their growing professional identity. Read more [...]

ePortfolios at Virginia Tech: Our Scaling Up Story

Over the past six or seven years, Virginia Tech has grown its use of electronic portfolios from three or four small pilot groups, to instances of portfolio activities in all Colleges across campus and over 14,000 students involved in portfolio processes. This growth is largely a result of top-level support and a discipline-based grass roots development, where faculty are not required but are encouraged to use ePortfolios in ways that emphasize and promote student learning. Read more [...]

Virginia Tech – Faculty Inquiry Group: Touchstones, Keystones, and Capstones

Faculty participate in a year-long ePortfolio Development Network (ePDN), which includes a focused, one-week summer workshop that facilitates ePortfolio-related curricular planning for continued advancement of ePortfolio use within a program or department. Read more [...]

Virginia Tech – Professional Development related to Active Technologies for Engaged Learning

Virginia Tech places a strong emphasis on faculty development and growth in teaching and learning, and the ePortfolio Initiatives has leveraged the existing support to showcase examples of successful ePortfolio projects, resulting in continued interest in and growth of ePortfolios. Read more [...]

Virginia Tech – Social Pedagogy Practice: Zip Line to Success ePortfolio

Over the course of a semester, transfer students entering the College of Science, take the Zip Line to Success First Year Experience course. Students from different majors work collaboratively to research a topic and present their finding in a group ePortfolio, which also includes final reflections from each of the group members. Read more [...]

Virginia Tech – Outcomes Assessment through ePortfolios

Because Virginia Tech embraces a culture of continuous improvement, ePortfolio processes, and the pedagogies inherent within them, are used by many programs and departments on campus to facilitate outcomes assessment. Read more [...]
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