Tunxis Community College

BC_CTunxis Community College was chartered by the State of Connecticut in 1969 to serve the Bristol-New Britain and Farmington Valley areas. It first opened for classes in October 1970 with 494 students. Today approximately 7,000 full and part-time students attend the college each semester, enrolled in credit and continuing education classes. Below you’ll find all of the resources submitted by Tunxis Community College for the C2L Project.



Browse Tunxis Community College's Stories and Practices:

The Tunxis [Digi]cation Experience

Tunxis now has five years' experience using Digication. While no system is perfect, overall we find the system flexible, aesthetically pleasing, with an improving assessment ability. Read more [...]

Tunxis CC – Reflection in the Developmental English Classroom: Guiding Students to Become More Independent Learners

A variety of reflective practices throughout the semester guides the developmental student to honestly self-assess their progress in order to improve and become more independent during the semester. Read more [...]

Tunxis CC – Reflection v. Revision: Rethinking rather than rewriting an essay

Asking students to reflect on how they would revise a paper, rather than actually revising it, moves them past “correcting” to rethinking how they approached the paper. Read more [...]

Scaling up at Tunxis Community College

Intentional decisions regarding faculty and programs led to systematic growth of the project on campus over the years. Read more [...]

Tunxis CC – Putting the “TEAM” in ePortfolio: Building a Culture of Sharing

Tunxis developed a two-pronged professional development strategy to build community around ePortfolio. Read more [...]

Tunxis Professional Development: A Bit of Everything to Meet all Needs

Reflection drove our pedagogical training, but outcomes assessment was the hook that brought faculty to the table, and secured administrative support. Read more [...]

Tunxis CC – The “Business” of ePortfolios

Tunxis Community College has incorporated ePortfolios to demonstrate general education and program outcomes throughout the Business and Technology Department for both career and transfer students, culminating in a final Capstone or Practicum ePortfolio project. Read more [...]

Tunxis CC – Social Pedagogy Practice for Learning Communities: Developmental English-FYE & Introduction to Business-FYE

Our practices within learning communities leverage the social capabilities of ePortfolio to link the sections of the courses. Read more [...]

Tunxis CC – Outcomes Assessments: Focusing on Abilities

The Business Administration Program at Tunxis has developed an integrated outcomes assessment program focused on program and general education abilities which begins at the students’ entering the program and culminates in the final program capstone course. Read more [...]
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