Three Rivers Community College

BC_CThree Rivers Community College (TRCC) is a commuter college that serves Southeastern CT with a variety of credit based degree and certificate programs designed to meet the dynamic needs of our learning community. Their student population consists of more than 5,000 enrolled students each semester and 2,500 Continuing Education students each year, and it continues to grow. Below you’ll find all of the resources submitted by Three Rivers Community College for the C2L Project.



Browse TRCC's Stories and Practices.

Three Rivers CC – Scaling Up is a Process

Our primary story speaks to growth of ePortfolio in the nursing department, focusing on technology initially and then realizing it’s about the pedagogy. Sustained use of ePortfolio is within the nursing department and some First Year Experience (FYE) classes. A confluence of events has led to 2014 welcoming a college wide ePortfolio assessment initiative but that will be a new story to tell. Read more [...]

Three Rivers CC – Decide to Assess; where can it go?

Choosing ePortfolio as a tool for assessment creates new perspectives and builds stakeholder focus on teaching and learning. ePortfolios contain authentic student work, ePortfolios with statements as to why artifacts demonstrate outcomes provide insight into actual learning. Read more [...]
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