From its beginnings a half-century ago, Stony Brook University has been characterized by innovation, energy, and progress, transforming the lives of people who came there to earn degrees, work, and make groundbreaking discoveries. Continuing developments have turned what was once a small teacher preparation college into an internationally recognized research institution that is changing the world. Below you’ll find all of the resources submitted by Stony Brook University, SUNY for the C2L Project.


Campus Metrics

    • We are a Undergraduate/Graduate Research I University.
    • Our institution serves 23,000 students (headcount).
    • Over 13,000 students use ePortfolios, that’s almost 50% of our total enrollment.
    • We currently have 30 program(s) and 18 majors actively using ePortfolio.
    • We currently have more than 250 faculty using ePortfolios in their courses and programs.
    • ePortfolio is used for Assessment on our campus at the Course Level and Programmatic Level.
    • Our professional development is provided via Spring Teaching and Learning Colloquium and ePortfolio Showcase, Multimodal Media Community of Interest, Short focused training workshops or webinars and Sustained Seminars. Departments using eportfolios sponsor Brown Bag Lunches which allow faculty to demonstrate their innovative use of eportfolios and reflective digital media and feature model student examples. We participate and provide leadership in the SUNY ePortfolio and Reflective Digital Media Community of Interest - http://commons.suny.edu/sunyeportfolios

Stony Brook & the Catalyst Framework

Technology Platform

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Browse Stony Brook University's Stories and Practices:

Stony Brook University – Technology Story

Our first steps in our eportfolio implementation was to review Stony Brook’s institutional mission and get to know the faculty, students, administration, support staff, and programs at Stony Brook. How would the eportfolio process enhance learning and research at Stony Brook? Before introducing eportfolios, it was essential to know and understand our teaching and learning culture. It also was essential to identify the “Bright Spots”. What programs and faculty on campus were practicing student-centered, integrative and inquiry-based learning in their traditional and online classrooms? Read more [...]

Stony Brook University – Outcomes Assessment Story

ePortfolios for outcome assessment are being piloted in the Honors College of Business, Technology and Society/Technology Management Systems, Undergraduate Colleges Leadership and Service and Information Systems, Biomedical Engineering Senior Design, Dance and Somatic Learning, Long Island Alternative Energy Consortium’s ESTeP minor, Engineering Internships, Electrical Engineering Online, and Writing and Rhetoric programs. Faculty, with the support of the ePortfolio Program Manager, Assessment Specialist, and the ePortfolio and Media Consultants, will use the assessment feature of Digication to document and report on student performance and learning outcomes. Read more [...]
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