CUNY School of Professional Studies ( CUNY SPS)

BC_CFounded in 2003, the CUNY School of Professional Studies was developed to cater to the demands of the job market, and its programs were designed to meet the educational needs of working adults, organizations, and employers. CUNY SPS is also the first CUNY school to feature entirely online undergraduate and graduate degree programs. Students engage with each other and faculty by email, ePortfolios, blogs, instant messaging, and discussion boards. Bachelor’s and master’s degree programs include Disability Studies, Business, Data Analytics, Health Information Management, Nursing and more. Below you'll find all the resources submitted by the CUNY School of Professional Studies for the C2L Project.



Browse SPS 's Stories and Practices:

CUNY SPS – Scaling Up, Scaling Back

As we scale up our project, we continue to offer workshops for faculty interested in adopting ePortfolio, focused on course-based ePortfolio integration and the use of reflection and social pedagogy. Read more [...]

CUNY SPS – Reflective Pedagogy Practice – Philosophical Thinking

In Robert Robinson's Philosophy 101 course, he asks students to reflect on how their knowledge of Philosophy has grown over the course of the semester from pre-philosophical thinking to philosophical thinking and problem-solving. Read more [...]

CUNY SPS – Reflective Pedagogy Practice – Disability Studies Program Capstone

The Capstone ePortfolio is designed to help students who are close to graduating think about the program as a whole and how to bring their learning into their future lives. Read more [...]

CUNY SPS – Hybrid/Online Professional Development Practice

This practice explains how we offer hybrid and asynchronous ePortfolio faculty development to our instructors, most of whom are adjuncts and may not be able to attend in-person sessions. Read more [...]

CUNY SPS – Professional Development Story

Since most of our students use ePortfolio in fully online courses, it has been extremely important for us to find a way to mirror that experience in our faculty development practices. Read more [...]

CUNY SPS – Social Pedagogy Practice – Sociology Program Capstone

Beginning in Week #7, students must communicate weekly progress on their research project to classmates in a short Power Point presentation and with their mentor via written drafts and synchronous communication (telephone, Skype or Blackboard Collaboarate). Read more [...]

CUNY SPS – Technology Story

Rather than being simply a new technology or new platform, ePortfolio has been a catalyst for changing the way that our online courses are taught. Read more [...]

CUNY SPS – Outcomes Assessment Story

Our eportfolio project has focused on course assessment and assessment of the ePortfolio project itself. Read more [...]
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