Salt Lake Community College

BC_CFounded in 1948, Salt Lake Community College (SLCC) is a multi-campus comprehensive community college located in Salt Lake City, Utah. It serves more than 60,000 credit and non-credit students per year in programs ranging from short-term intensive training to Associate's degrees that transfer to four-year institutions. Below you’ll find all of the resources submitted by Salt Lake Community College for the C2L Project.



Browse SLCC's Stories and Practices:

SLCC – Writing and Social Justice: Student-Centered Social Pedagogy

Every spring the English department funds the Student Conference on Writing and Social Justice (WSJ). The conference committee is largely made up of English faculty with some staff and faculty from other areas (the Thayne Center, ePortfolio, ACE Speaker’s Bureau, etc.). The chair of the committee is always from the English department. The actual conference is for students to present their ideas on social justice issues. Read more [...]

Mixed Media Reflection: ePortfolios in an SLCC Study Abroad Program

Students on a study abroad trip to London, England, created multi-media portfolios of their experiences and reflected on their learning. Read more [...]

SLCC – Change in Thinking?: Reflective Practice in Trigonometry

Trigonometry at SLCC is currently going through our internal process of becoming a General Education course for our Quantitative Literacy designation. Read more [...]

Outcomes Reflection: Reflective Pedagogy in SLCC’s GIS Program

The Geosciences Department has integrated ePortfolio and reflection practices throughout most of our general education courses. Starting last year, the GIS program started using ePortfolios as professional portfolios. Read more [...]

Hiking Over the Hump: SLCC’s Scaling Up Story

Salt Lake Community College’s ePortfolio initiative is an ambitious one: Use of the ePortfolio is a requirement in all General Education courses, and so the initiative affects the majority of all students and faculty at the college. Read more [...]

SLCC – ePortfolio Boot Camp: SLCC’s Rigorous PD Practice

SLCC’s ePortfolio Cohorts and Boot Camps are intended to help faculty and staff from across disciplines and departments share their challenges, successes, and further create integrative and experiential learning innovations with ePortfolios in their classrooms. Read more [...]

Making it Real…Helpful: SLCC’s Professional Development Story

At SLCC, we take a “rooted in community” approach to our faculty and staff professional development on ePortfolios by fostering intensive conversations and collaboration across the curriculum. Read more [...]

Variety and Student Choice: SLCC’s Technology Story

Our students use free Web 2.0 platforms to build their ePortfolios. SLCC supports three: Weebly, WordPress, Google Sites... Read more [...]

Assessing General Education Outcomes with ePortfolios at SLCC

Salt Lake Community College uses ePortfolios to examine for the first time the extent to which its students are attaining essential learning outcomes. Read more [...]
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