Queensborough Community College

BC_COn the Threshold of the American Dream: Queens County, New York City, is one of the most diverse boroughs in the US with the highest number of foreign born residents. Queensborough Community College serves this diverse and aspirational community. QCC is committed to significantly increasing student retention and graduation rates and to this end it provides all full time students access to advisement through its Academies. Many students are able to participate in high impact practices such as SWIG, service learning, writing intensive courses, undergraduate research, and educational opportunities at the College’s three cultural resource centers.



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Queensborough Community College – Reflective Pedagogy Practice – Scaling up: Scaffolding Dewey’s Reflective Cycle in Student Assignments

Move the students from personal reflections on habits of mind to active reflection within social spaces, from the reflective self to the participatory self. Read more [...]

Queensborough Community College – Scaling Up Story

EPortfolio on the Queensborough Community College Campus might best be viewed as a series of initiatives, each with a different focus and scale, with some interlap and collaboration..... Read more [...]

Queensborough Community College – Social Pedagogy Practice

SWIG creates asynchronous, interdisciplinary online learning communities. Students from each class post their work to the Epsilen WIKI, so that the other students from the other class can comment and provide thematically relevant multimedia gift (images, videos, music etc). Follow receipt of comments and gifts, each student revises their work and then uses it as the basis of a product they create for presentation. Read more [...]

Queensboro Community – Technology Story

Overall, Queensborough is very pleased with the Epsilen Platform. Its greatest strength is its student centered environment which supports ePortfolio, a Learning Management System, and Groups which have enabled innovative pedagogy to emerge at Queensborough. Read more [...]

Queensborough Community College – Outcomes Assessment Story

Queensborough Community College is attempting to raise the graduation and retention rate of all first time, full time students, and believes that high impact strategies are an important component towards this realization. Read more [...]
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