Professional Development Campus Practices

There are a variety of ePortfolio-related professional development practices across the C2L network. These practices range from one-time, introductory ePortfolio workshops to more structured seminars and institutes where experienced faculty and staff share their assignments and pedagogical innovations with each other.

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Hunter College – Teaching Scholarship Circles to Support Sustained ePortfolio Practice

Themes of student inquiry, reflection, and integration are woven into all seminar discussions. We also model reflection by asking faculty to reflect on their own practices and experiences with ePortfolios. Read more [...]

Georgetown University – Professional Development Practice – Teaching, Learning, and Innovation Summer Institute

For over a decade, CNDLS has been putting on an annual weeklong institute on teaching every May. Over the years, this institute has transformed from a collection of workshops organized by theme to an intensive, cohort-based institute. Faculty inquiry and reflection on practice has always been the emphasis. Read more [...]

Empire State College – Professional Development Practice

Professional Development Across the College Faculty and professional staff development at Empire State College has extreme importance to the college. It occurs in a variety of ways. The college uses Boyer’s scholarship framework, which expands the definition of scholarship to include discovery, integration, application, and teaching, as an underpinning to professional development across the college. As part of this definition of scholarship, our faculty are encouraged to engage in creative activities Read more [...]

IUPUI – Professional Development: A Committee Bears Unexpected Fruit

The practice we describe was not undertaken with professional development as a primary purpose, but that has become a powerful outcome. Read more [...]

Norwalk CC – Reflecting to Learn: Professional Development Practice at NCC

Technology and terminology take a back seat to pedagogy and reflection -- the real focus of ePortfolio professional development at NCC. Description Our professional development workshops focus on the pedagogical foundations for using ePortfolios. One of our primary goals is for faculty to concentrate on how reflection can support and promote student learning. Since many of our faculty struggle with incorporating reflection in a meaningful way into their thinking and, therefore, their teaching, Read more [...]

Northwestern Connecticut Community College – Professional Development Practice – Professional Development Seminars

We run year-long professional development seminars with participating faculty. The focus is on reflection in teaching and learning. Read more [...]

Lehman College – Professional Development Practice: Conceptualizing ePortfolio

Conceptualizing ePortfolios is an early, introductory ePortfolio experience for faculty in schools just starting an ePortfolio journey. This series was extremely successful for us initially and we would recommend it as professional development for programs just getting started Read more [...]

LaGuardia CC – Advising with ePortfolio: Professional Development

This professional development practice details the work of faculty and staff at LaGuardia Community College in the Art of Advising seminar which laid the groundwork for the use of ePortfolio as an advising tool. Read more [...]

CUNY SPS – Hybrid/Online Professional Development Practice

This practice explains how we offer hybrid and asynchronous ePortfolio faculty development to our instructors, most of whom are adjuncts and may not be able to attend in-person sessions. Read more [...]

SLCC – ePortfolio Boot Camp: SLCC’s Rigorous PD Practice

SLCC’s ePortfolio Cohorts and Boot Camps are intended to help faculty and staff from across disciplines and departments share their challenges, successes, and further create integrative and experiential learning innovations with ePortfolios in their classrooms. Read more [...]
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