Professional Development Campus Practices

There are a variety of ePortfolio-related professional development practices across the C2L network. These practices range from one-time, introductory ePortfolio workshops to more structured seminars and institutes where experienced faculty and staff share their assignments and pedagogical innovations with each other.

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Northeastern University – Letting Learning Serve as the Driver

Leadership is key to sustained the sustained growth and depth of impact, but it is equally important to create a space in which faculty can let their professional passion serve as the driver for curiosity and motivation to learn. Read more [...]

University of Delaware – Faculty Development via Reflective, Semi-structured Interviews

The practice focuses on faculty development via reflective, semi-structured interviews to identify areas for modification at the academic program level as well as to outline indicators for change at the institutional level. Read more [...]

Lehman College – Professional Development and Cross Discipline Collaboration

Since several faculty use portfolio pedagogy in courses or programs but were not using the digital tools, the ePortfolio Leadership Team wanted to provide opportunities to collaborate and talk about topics we all have in common Read more [...]

Manhattanville College – Professional Development Practice – Teaching and Learning Circles

With tender loving care (tlc) as a foundation for faculty development, our Teaching and Learning Circles (TLCs) bring faculty, staff and students together in an inquiry-oriented learning environment designed to explore the ways in which ePortfolio practices can support and enhance their teaching and learning goals. Read more [...]

Pace University – Setting the Pace: Teaching Circles as ePortfolio Professional Development

The Teaching Circles consist of three workshop-style meetings throughout a semester with a group of 10 faculty who earn a stipend for their participation, as well as their commitment to using ePortfolios in at least one course the following semester Read more [...]

SFSU – An Engaged Pedagogy: A Workshop to Introduce ePortfolios to Faculty

A faculty workshop demonstrating the purpose of ePortfolios and how to integrate them into your course, while also reflecting on engaged pedagogy. Read more [...]

Tunxis CC – Putting the “TEAM” in ePortfolio: Building a Culture of Sharing

Tunxis developed a two-pronged professional development strategy to build community around ePortfolio. Read more [...]

Rutgers University – Intermediary Spaces: Our Campus’s ePortfolio-related Professional Development

An overview of Rutgers' ePortfolio-related Professional Development on campus. Read more [...]

Guttman CC – Putting Students at the Center of Our Learning: Connecting Assessment and Professional Development

At the mid- and end-point of each semester, Guttman has two days in the academic calendar designated as Assessment Days. These days consist of a series of professional development activities focused on student learning and assessment. Read more [...]

LaGuardia CC – Holistic Evaluation of ePortfolios through Rubrics: A Professional Development Exercise

This activity guides faculty through a multi-stage process of collaboratively brainstorming, creating, testing, and revising rubrics for holistic evaluation of student ePortfolios. Read more [...]
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