Pedagogy Practices

Successful campus ePortfolio initiatives focus sustained attention on advancing sophisticated ePortfolio pedagogy that enhances student learning. The Catalyst site showcases the practices used by C2L partners campuses nationwide.

    • Faculty across the C2L network developed and implemented Reflective Pedagogy ePortfolio practices that built upon the connective aspect of reflection. Doing so, they strengthened students’ abilities to integrate and deepen their learning, and develop more purposeful identities as learners.
    • Teams across C2L found that Social Pedagogy for ePortfolio could deepen students’ integrative reflections. ePortfolios can serve as collaborative spaces, platforms for social media interactions.


The Manhattanville Portfolio System: Using Inquiry and Reflection to Support Integration across a Student’s College Career

The Connecting to the Liberal Arts essay primarily asks students to reflect on their academic choices up to their Sophomore years. The hope is that students are able to think about their academic choices and reflect upon and make connections across their experiences. The Examining the Mission essay asks them to consider themselves and their activities as they relate to the institutional mission. Read more [...]

Northeastern University – Zooming In & Out

ePortfolios can be used in conjunction with threaded discussions to support a cycle of learning in fully-online programs. Learning is carefully designed to guide students through a process of “zooming in," extracting salient ideas from online course discussions, and “zooming out” to consider how the program could inform the development of personal and professional goals. Read more [...]

Reflective Thinking and Writing as Systematic Practice at Pace University

At Pace, reflective writing and thinking, a cornerstone of the ePortfolio experience, is being infused in many courses, but the Reflective Practice of the Writing Program, especially in Writing in the Disciplines course is highlighted. Read more [...]

SFSU – Finding an Audience: Write a Letter to the Editor or a Governmental Official

Through an engaging process of issue exploration, research, argument development and peer review, sophomores write to an authentic audience of an editor or a government official. Read more [...]

Guttman CC – Reflective Practice: Summer Bridge 2013

During their Summer Bridge program, students at Guttman Community College are introduced to the concept of reflection as they begin to articulate and reflect on their learning experiences and who they are as a learner and scholar. Read more [...]

Three Rivers CC – Who Am I Becoming? –reflective practices

In NUR 205, Nursing Management and Trends, students’ reflections help them become colleagues, and nursing professionals. Assignment one asks students to share how they have met program outcomes and mentor a beginning student into the process of learning. Assignment two focuses on lifelong learning abilities. Nurses use information literacy skills in evidence based practice and continue to ask questions to advance patient care and the profession. This work remains available for the student to review when they are in a BSN or MA / MSN program. Assignment three asks the student to create an ePortfolio which invites an employer to interview them. All of these assignments ask students to interact with previous artifacts and plan for their future. Read more [...]

Three Rivers CC – Reflection through journaling and process recordings

In NUR203, Nursing Care of Individuals and Families II students continue reflection as personal growth with a focus on professionalism and communication. Students complete their final process recording in a psychiatric setting. In previous clinical courses they have completed process recordings in a senior center, medical surgical and maternity settings. Through the learning activity, feedback from faculty and peers students strengthen therapeutic communication skills and emotional intelligence. In this last semester they utilize and reflect on complex communication skills. Read more [...]

Three Rivers CC – Connecting Theory to Practice in Gerontology–reflective practice

In NUR 102, Family Health Nursing, the second required clinical course students continue with ePortfolio pedagogy demonstrating reflection as connection; recognizing links to and with theory, presentations and clinical practice. Students continue and deepen previous learned abilities in weekly clinical reflections, student driven maternity and medical-surgical journal article presentations. Read more [...]

Three Rivers CC – “AHA” Finding Your Professional Voice—reflective practice

The use of reflection and ePortfolio pedagogy continues throughout the program. In the third clinical nursing course students demonstrate reflection as personal growth with prompts asking them to identify how they are developing their own professional voice and recognizing the change in critical thinking and other core values Read more [...]

Three Rivers CC – Introduction to Reflection and ePortfolio

Reflection and ePortfolio are “moving forces” developing 21st century professionals. Through an orientation, information literacy assignment and weekly clinical reflections students develop structured and disciplined behaviors. Program outcomes drive the backward curricular design with forward thinking to create graduate registered nurses over four semesters. In the first semester students are introduced to social pedagogy, reflective practice and use of feedback. Assignments and strategies for implementation in the first semester are given. Read more [...]
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