Outcomes Assessment - Transforming Stage

For campuses at the widely established implementation stage, there is broad use of ePortfolios for Outcomes Assessment. For example, on their campuses, ePortfolios may have been established as the primary mode of assessment and/or accreditation in one or several departments, programs, or Colleges. There may also be a strong movement towards using ePortfolios for institution-wide assessment of General Education or other high profile outcomes, either piloting or fully implementing it.

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Assessing General Education at Boston University’s College of General Studies

BU_OA_StoryOur assessment project at Boston University’s College of General Studies uses ePortfolio to evaluate student learning in our general education program. Read more [...]

Three Rivers CC – Decide to Assess; where can it go?

trcc_oaChoosing ePortfolio as a tool for assessment creates new perspectives and builds stakeholder focus on teaching and learning. ePortfolios contain authentic student work, ePortfolios with statements as to why artifacts demonstrate outcomes provide insight into actual learning. Read more [...]

Northeastern University – Are We Who We Think We Are?

Northeastern_outcomes_assessment_storyePortfolios provide a window into student self-perception. Viewed as a whole, an ePortfolios is a construct of identity created by the student. Viewed as a collection, ePortfolios depict a community of learners, making it possible for us to spot patterns that are not readily apparent in enrollment statistics. Read more [...]

Guttman CC – Outcomes Assessment: Making Student Learning Visible

OAGuttman faculty and staff engage in a continual process of “assessment for learning and improvement” conducting holistic assessment of student learning through their ePortfolios. With a widely established implementation of ePortfolio for Outcomes Assessment, our practices are transformative, providing opportunities for learning at the course, program, and institution level. Read more [...]

The Story of a Learning College: The Evolution of Outcomes Assessment at LaGuardia

lagcc_oa_storiesLaGuardia's pervasive culture of assessment was highlighted by LaGuardia’s accrediting body (Middle States Commission on Higher Education). Our method focuses on utilizing ePortfolio for collection and demonstrates the value of engaged faculty input into the outcomes assessment design to continually close the assessment loop. Read more [...]

IUPUI – Assessment Is Everyone’s Business

Indiana_outcomes_assessment_storyOur challenge is sometimes to persuade programs to look beyond assessment to ePortfolio's potential to support student learning and development. Read more [...]
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