Outcomes Assessment - Emerging Stage

Many of the campuses in the C2L network placed themselves in the emerging stage of using ePortfolio for outcomes assessment. On these campuses, ePortfolios are currently not used for department-wide or institutional outcomes assessment. The topic may be in the air – for example, a few professors may be experimenting with course-based ePortfolio assessment, and/or there may be conversations underway about broader use. But the institutional culture and practice around outcomes assessment does not currently involve using ePortfolios.

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Empire State College – Outcomes Assessment Story

At Empire State College, we have three projects underway that relate to outcomes assessment and ePortfolios. These practices are not conventional (as seems most of our practices). On one hand, our institution has been using outcomes assessment since its inception in the early 1970’s. The degree guidelines are designed on outcomes rather than course-based curriculum. Students design their degrees using the guidelines and also some students design courses with faculty to meet the expectations of Read more [...]
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