Outcomes Assessment - Emerging Stage

Many of the campuses in the C2L network placed themselves in the emerging stage of using ePortfolio for outcomes assessment. On these campuses, ePortfolios are currently not used for department-wide or institutional outcomes assessment. The topic may be in the air – for example, a few professors may be experimenting with course-based ePortfolio assessment, and/or there may be conversations underway about broader use. But the institutional culture and practice around outcomes assessment does not currently involve using ePortfolios.

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Stony Brook University – Outcomes Assessment Story

ePortfolios for outcome assessment are being piloted in the Honors College of Business, Technology and Society/Technology Management Systems, Undergraduate Colleges Leadership and Service and Information Systems, Biomedical Engineering Senior Design, Dance and Somatic Learning, Long Island Alternative Energy Consortium’s ESTeP minor, Engineering Internships, Electrical Engineering Online, and Writing and Rhetoric programs. Faculty, with the support of the ePortfolio Program Manager, Assessment Specialist, and the ePortfolio and Media Consultants, will use the assessment feature of Digication to document and report on student performance and learning outcomes. Read more [...]

St. John’s University – Outcomes Assessment Story

Currently the School of Education’s Student Teacher Program is the only program that is using ePortfolio for Outcomes Assessment. When the university adopted the ePortfolio concept last year, it was the hope that in time we could use the system for TEAC and Middle States assessment, tenure, and common core. We are moving in the process of changing the culture towards assessment within the School of Education and St. John’s University, and recognize each step will require significant time. Across Read more [...]

CUNY SPS – Outcomes Assessment Story

Our eportfolio project has focused on course assessment and assessment of the ePortfolio project itself. Read more [...]

Rutgers University – Creating our System: Strategic Planning for Outcomes

We are currently setting the stage for a sustainable data collection and analysis framework for the residential college; once we establish this framework, we will review specific program outcomes and practices, including ePortfolio practice. Read more [...]

Queensborough Community College – Outcomes Assessment Story

Queensborough Community College is attempting to raise the graduation and retention rate of all first time, full time students, and believes that high impact strategies are an important component towards this realization. Read more [...]

External Drivers: NCC and Outcomes Assessment

Even though a project may be firmly grounded in a bottom-up, faculty-driven environment, you can’t underestimate the power of accreditation agencies and legislative mandates. The link between Outcomes Assessment and ePortfolio is still developing at NCC. On an institutional level, the General Education Taskforce used ePortfolio (Digication) to assess student writing in one upper level course. The plan is to expand this assessment on a regular basis. On a programmatic level, Early Childhood Education, Read more [...]

Northwestern Connecticut Community College Outcomes Assessment with ePortfolios: An Overview

ePortfolio is being used for outcomes assessment at NCCC, but our project is still limited in scale. Read more [...]

Manhattanville College – Sky’s the Limit: Using our bold history to make the most of our digital future

Standing on the shoulders of a forty-year-old portfolio tradition, we are exploring all of the ways in which this rich history of assessing the quality and character of our students’ learning through their paper portfolio submissions can lead to a promising digital future of ePortfolio-based Outcomes Assessment. Read more [...]

A “Wide-Angled” ePortfolio Initiative in Hunter’s School of Education

Hunter’s School of Education is working towards a “wide-angled” ePortfolio initiative that includes both external licensure requirements and the internally-driven desire to improve our ability to meet the needs of our students. This initiative aims to re-architect teaching and learning, thus transforming teacher education. Read more [...]

Georgetown University – Outcomes Assessment Story

At Georgetown, most outcome assessment tied to ePortfolios happens ad hoc at the course level. There have been conversations about using ePortfolios to identify the acquisition of program-wide skills, but no programs have yet committed to using ePortfolios exclusively for formal, program-wide assessment. More often, individual faculty members will ask students to develop an ePortfolio to demonstrate that they have met the key goals of the class. Read more [...]
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