Outcomes Assessment - Developing Stage

A number of campuses identified themselves as being at the moderate or developing stage. On these campuses there is a movement towards the use of ePortfolios for Outcomes Assessment, but the linkage is at most partially operational. For example, one or more departments or programs are piloting or implementing outcomes assessment using ePortfolios. Or there is a meaningful planning process underway, with substantial support from stakeholders. There may be a small but growing number of faculty who are aware of and/or actively using ePortfolio-based assessment. But there is a fair way to go before ePortfolio-based outcomes assessment becomes a broad or institution-wide practice.

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University of Delaware – Assessment – Integral to the TLA

The University of Delaware has ePortfolio projects at various stages. New programs such as Nursing would be identified as emerging as they explore the best platform to meet their accreditation needs. While other more seasoned programs such as the Undergraduate Research Program resides at the other end of the spectrum and provides students with a transformational ePortfolio experience where they reflect upon their research experience and receive feedback from peers, program assistants, and other external parties. Inquiry is focused upon ePortfolio thinking about the research process, targeting their personal goals, and reporting upon their progress. Student integrate their research with their major and well as their career plans. Read more [...]

Tunxis CC – Outcomes Assessments: Focusing on Abilities

The Business Administration Program at Tunxis has developed an integrated outcomes assessment program focused on program and general education abilities which begins at the students’ entering the program and culminates in the final program capstone course. Read more [...]

San Francisco State University – Outcomes Assessment Story

Just as our ePortfolio project grew from the local level, our outcomes assessment is also growing from the local level. Read more [...]

Assessing General Education Outcomes with ePortfolios at SLCC

Salt Lake Community College uses ePortfolios to examine for the first time the extent to which its students are attaining essential learning outcomes. Read more [...]

Pace University – Increasing our Pace: Measuring Student Learning using Rubrics and ePortfolios

Interdisciplinary and cross-departmental teams of faculty and staff members use rubrics to review and rate student work in ePortfolios, looking for authentic evidence of student learning Read more [...]

Lehman College – Outcomes Assessment & Student Learning

Outcomes assessment is not new to teacher education programs, as data demonstrating student learning is a major component in program and national accreditation, and in turn impacts curriculum decisions. Read more [...]

Virginia Tech – Outcomes Assessment through ePortfolios

Because Virginia Tech embraces a culture of continuous improvement, ePortfolio processes, and the pedagogies inherent within them, are used by many programs and departments on campus to facilitate outcomes assessment. Read more [...]
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