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BC_CLehman College of the City University of New York, is the only public senior liberal arts college in the Bronx and is home to the School of Education which offers more than twenty-five nationally recognized and/or New York State approved programs. The School of Education’s mission is to facilitate the development of competent, caring, and qualified educators. Below you’ll find resources submitted by the School of Education at Lehman College for the C2L Project.



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Lehman College – Faculty Reflections After Initial Professional Development Series

At the very beginning of our ePortfolio journey, we captured what one faculty member thought about ePortolios (video and quotes). Additionally, through post-professional development reflections, we learned how faculty felt about the a 6-session workshop series and about ePortfolios generally. Read more [...]

Lehman College – Professional Development and Cross Discipline Collaboration

Since several faculty use portfolio pedagogy in courses or programs but were not using the digital tools, the ePortfolio Leadership Team wanted to provide opportunities to collaborate and talk about topics we all have in common Read more [...]

Lehman College – Reflective Pedagogy Practice: Baseline & Post-Baseline Evidence

Dr. Pitt’s explains his notion of reflective practice and baseline and post-baseline evidence in an excerpt from a co-authored manuscript submitted for publication. Read more [...]

Lehman College – Reflective Pedagogy Practice: Formative Presentation on one ePortfolio

At the end of a two-semester ePortfolio capstone project students must complete their ePortfolio consisting of the following eight entries (competency areas): 1) Welcome, 2) Philosophy of Science Education, 3) Reflective Practice, 4) Use of New Pedagogical Knowledge in Designing Instruction and Assessment, 5) Understanding of Science Education Theory and Literature, 6) Culturally Responsive Pedagogy, 7) Using Science Content Area Knowledge, 8) Collaborative Entry. Read more [...]

Lehman College – Reflective Pedagogy Practice: Philosophy of Education

The Lehman College Graduate Childhood Education program, which leads to an M.S.Ed. Degree in Childhood Education and initial New York State certification in grades 1-6, piloted ePortfolios in a capstone course for three years and is now implementing a program ePortfolio in the fall 2013 semester. Read more [...]

Lehman College – The “e” in ePortfolio Stands for More Than Electronic

In the very beginning, several faculty members began to evaluate online portfolios or “electronic” ePortfolios as an educational tool for graduate and undergraduate education students to document academic and professional development, organize and showcase their work and reflect on learning artifacts in alignment with programmatic goals, objectives and national standards. Read more [...]

Lehman College – Professional Development Practice: Conceptualizing ePortfolio

Conceptualizing ePortfolios is an early, introductory ePortfolio experience for faculty in schools just starting an ePortfolio journey. This series was extremely successful for us initially and we would recommend it as professional development for programs just getting started Read more [...]

Lehman College – ePortfolio Professional Development Journey: From General Value to Specific Outcomes

If you are just starting an ePortfolio journey, here is a professional development strategy that was beneficial to our first steps. The professional development series started with School of Education faculty who expressed interest in developing an ePortfolio pilot project within his/her course or program. Read more [...]

Lehman College – Social Pedagogy: Engaging with Professional Colleagues

In many respects seizing the moments to reflect on and to illustrate pathways to collaborative professional engagement is a central feature to teaching and learning science and learning how to teach science. It is important to gain awareness of the relationships connecting our systems of meaning, including how we approach the ideas of others, and our collaborative experiences as science educators. Read more [...]

Lehman College – ePortfolio as a Pedagogy, Not a Technologyy

Our technology story demonstrates that we consider “ePortfolio as a pedagogy rather than as a technology.” Read more [...]
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