Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis(IUPUI)

BC_CIUPUI is Indiana's urban research university and health sciences campus, with 21 schools that grant degrees in more than 250 programs from both Indiana University and Purdue University. Its location within blocks of downtown Indianapolis facilitates advancement of research and teaching, and presents unique opportunities for internships, Below you’ll find all of the resources submitted by Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis during for the C2L Project.



Browse IUPUI's Stories and Practices:

IUPUI – Social Pedagogy: Working Together to Develop Metacognition and Professional Identity

In contrast to studio art majors, who learn to be makers of art, art history majors learn to be writers about art; the art history capstone thus consists of a substantial research paper or focused research project. Read more [...]

IUPUI Professional Development: Learning Planned and Unexpected

IUPUI’s professional development experience teaches the value of flexibility and supports our cautionary maxim that “You’ll never get it right the first time.” Read more [...]

Scaling Up ePortfolios at a Complex Urban Research University: The IUPUI Story

Enthusiastic leaders were not enough: early efforts fell short. We retrenched and revamped, listened carefully to stakeholder needs. Today we have a rich mix of ePortfolio projects. Read more [...]

IUPUI – Reflection in the First Year: A Foundation for Identity and Meaning Making

As part of a first-year seminar, students use an ePortfolio to reflect on who they are, their academic plans, and their career goals as a foundation for planning for an integrated and meaningful college experience. Read more [...]

IUPUI – Professional Development: A Committee Bears Unexpected Fruit

The practice we describe was not undertaken with professional development as a primary purpose, but that has become a powerful outcome. Read more [...]

IUPUI – Peer Reflective Feedback in First Year Service Learning

Beginning Psychology students use a model of feedback in their ePortfolio to reinforce their accountability to one another for their learning. Read more [...]

IUPUI – Technology: There Are No Silver Bullets

Just as there's no single "right" way to use ePortfolios, there's no single platform that perfectly meets all needs all the time. Balance is everything. Read more [...]

IUPUI – Assessment Is Everyone’s Business

Our challenge is sometimes to persuade programs to look beyond assessment to ePortfolio's potential to support student learning and development. Read more [...]
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