Hunter College

BC_CHunter College, located in the heart of bustling Manhattan, is the largest college in the City University of New York (CUNY) system. Founded in 1870, it is also one of the oldest public colleges in the country. Currently over 22,000 students attend Hunter, pursuing both undergraduate and graduate degrees in more than 170 different programs of study. Below you’ll find all of the resources submitted by Hunter College for the C2L Project.



Browse Hunter College's Stories and Practices:

Hunter College – Four Ways of Looking at My Learning: Encouraging and Deepening Reflective Practice

Instead of assuming that students already know what to do/say when they reflect on their learning, we break down the reflective processes and encourage students to look in four different directions as they reflect on their learning in the Masters in Literacy Program through the program ePortfolio. Read more [...]

Hunter College – Developing an ePortfolio Initiative from the Ground Up

Professional development has been at the center of Hunter’s ePortfolio initiative from its beginning. When we embarked on our ePortfolio initiative, we already had a successful faculty development program for teaching and learning with technology in place; we were able to incorporate professional development around ePortfolios into this existing framework, which has since grown to include ongoing seminars for faculty. Read more [...]

Hunter College – Teaching Scholarship Circles to Support Sustained ePortfolio Practice

Themes of student inquiry, reflection, and integration are woven into all seminar discussions. We also model reflection by asking faculty to reflect on their own practices and experiences with ePortfolios. Read more [...]

Hunter College – Developing and Sustaining a Community of ePortfolio Practitioners

ACERT focuses on faculty development activities that integrate pedagogy, technology, and assessment – key components of our ePortfolio initiative. Working with ACERT provides a larger framework for our ePortfolio professional development activities and creates stronger links between our ePortfolio initiative and other high-impact teaching practices. Read more [...]

Hunter College – Social Pedagogy in the Advanced Foreign Language Curriculum

…the reflection page for the short story unit prompts the students to reflect not only on their translation of the text itself, but also on the experience of translating for an authentic purpose and audience in this way. Read more [...]

Hunter College – Technology to Support ePortfolio Pedagogy

We were interested in a platform that was largely student-centered, with some classroom management features. Digication seemed like a good fit for a number of reasons. Read more [...]

A “Wide-Angled” ePortfolio Initiative in Hunter’s School of Education

Hunter’s School of Education is working towards a “wide-angled” ePortfolio initiative that includes both external licensure requirements and the internally-driven desire to improve our ability to meet the needs of our students. This initiative aims to re-architect teaching and learning, thus transforming teacher education. Read more [...]
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