Stella and Charles Guttman Community College

BC_CStella and Charles Guttman Community College (formerly The New Community College) opened its doors to its inaugural class of students in August 2012. Applying a multitude of best practices developed at other CUNY campuses and colleges around the country, Guttman is a leader in higher education innovation with a high-touch, high-impact, and supportive model of teaching and advising. Our unique educational model encourages and inspires students through a range of interdisciplinary curricular and co-curricular experiences. ePortfolio is integral to the mission of the college and serves as the centerpiece for collaborative and integrative learning for students, faculty, and the institution.



Browse Guttman's Stories and Practices:

Doing Things Differently: Scaling Up at Guttman Community College

Guttman Community College opened its doors to its inaugural class of students in August 2012, with ePortfolio as the centerpiece for student and institutional learning. Read more [...]

Guttman CC – Reflective Practice: Summer Bridge 2013

During their Summer Bridge program, students at Guttman Community College are introduced to the concept of reflection as they begin to articulate and reflect on their learning experiences and who they are as a learner and scholar. Read more [...]

Guttman CC – Praxis and Pedagogy: Professional Development

Guttman centers professional development on experiential and high-touch learning for faculty and staff. Read more [...]

Guttman CC – Using Technology to Connect Our Learning

Our ePortfolio platform, Digication, enhances student, faculty, and institutional learning. By situating student learning in a more visible context, ePortfolio connects pedagogy with outcomes assessment and professional development. Read more [...]

Guttman CC – Crossing Borders: A Narrative of Social Pedagogy

Evidence of integrated social pedagogy in a Composition Course. Read more [...]

Guttman CC – Putting Students at the Center of Our Learning: Connecting Assessment and Professional Development

At the mid- and end-point of each semester, Guttman has two days in the academic calendar designated as Assessment Days. These days consist of a series of professional development activities focused on student learning and assessment. Read more [...]

Guttman CC – Social Pedagogy: Using Comment Streams to Analyze Visual Art

In this sequence of activities, students comment on visual art through the course ePortfolio and use each other’s ideas as a foundation for analysis in subsequent essays. Read more [...]

Guttman CC – Outcomes Assessment: Making Student Learning Visible

Guttman faculty and staff engage in a continual process of “assessment for learning and improvement” conducting holistic assessment of student learning through their ePortfolios. With a widely established implementation of ePortfolio for Outcomes Assessment, our practices are transformative, providing opportunities for learning at the course, program, and institution level. Read more [...]
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