Technology Stories

The C2L Campus Technology stories document a key element of ePortfolio initiatives – technology. While we all realize ePortfolio is more than a technology – it’s a pedagogy and culture, an approach to student, faculty and institutional learning - we also know that a software platform has a profound impact on the success and growth of an ePortfolio project. In these stories, C2L teams explore the qualities and implications of their current platform, examine how technology choices have shaped their ePortfolio initiative, and explain the strategies developed to support the use of ePortfolio technology at their institution.


Queensboro Community – Technology Story

Overall, Queensborough is very pleased with the Epsilen Platform. Its greatest strength is its student centered environment which supports ePortfolio, a Learning Management System, and Groups which have enabled innovative pedagogy to emerge at Queensborough. Read more [...]

Pace University – Mahara: From Bucket List to Implementation

In one year, we went from scattered ePortfolio usage and awareness to an institutional approach with a vision, a template and Mahara. Read more [...]

“The Awkward Age”: The Technology Story at NCC

While we don’t have the same decadence and corruption as the Henry James novel, we do believe that growing up is hard: whether it’s an individual or a program, it inevitably involves a few stumbles. What’s important though is to keep getting up and taking another step forward. That’s what we do at NCC. Our Platform:A Difficult Beginning NCC began its ePortfolio initiative in the fall of 2008 in partnership with LaGuardia Community College’s Making Connections FIPSE grant. At that Read more [...]

Northwestern Connecticut Community College – Technology and Pedagogy

Northwestern is using Digication for our ePortfolio platform. Read more [...]

Manhattanville College – Our Technology Story

We were initially propelled to explore ePortfolios by a strong faculty sentiment to transition our long paper portfolio tradition to an electronic platform. Additionally, we hoped to increase student engagement with our Portfolio system through the use of technology. We began our exploration of ePortfolios as both technology and pedagogy in Spring 2010 with participation in the Making Connections seminar through LaGuardia Community College. Read more [...]

Northeastern University – The Ecology of Support

The key to effective technology support and collaboration is understanding the concerns and contexts of the people who are being served. This requires a holistic approach that attends to technical, pedagogical, and strategic support concerns that are often co-mingled. As the Catalyst model suggests, success hinges on development across multiple sectors in the institution Read more [...]

Lehman College – ePortfolio as a Pedagogy, Not a Technologyy

Our technology story demonstrates that we consider “ePortfolio as a pedagogy rather than as a technology.” Read more [...]

The Evolution of ePortfolio Platforms at LaGuardia: Our Technology Story

LaGuardia has used three different systems over the course of its ePortfolio history. Learn more about LaGuardia's process in choosing a platform that meets the needs of its students, faculty, and staff. Read more [...]

IUPUI – Technology: There Are No Silver Bullets

Just as there's no single "right" way to use ePortfolios, there's no single platform that perfectly meets all needs all the time. Balance is everything. Read more [...]

Hunter College – Technology to Support ePortfolio Pedagogy

We were interested in a platform that was largely student-centered, with some classroom management features. Digication seemed like a good fit for a number of reasons. Read more [...]
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