Technology Stories

The C2L Campus Technology stories document a key element of ePortfolio initiatives – technology. While we all realize ePortfolio is more than a technology – it’s a pedagogy and culture, an approach to student, faculty and institutional learning - we also know that a software platform has a profound impact on the success and growth of an ePortfolio project. In these stories, C2L teams explore the qualities and implications of their current platform, examine how technology choices have shaped their ePortfolio initiative, and explain the strategies developed to support the use of ePortfolio technology at their institution.


Virginia Tech – Technology Story

We have been deeply involved with ePortfolio technology since 2006 or earlier; we have had significant use and development of the Sakai portfolio tools since 2008; and we are currently working to promote and support a wide variety of platforms and technologies to enhance the diverse teaching and learning goals of the faculty at our university. Read more [...]

Three Rivers CC – Technology–Purpose, Platforms, and Access

Students understood how the technology worked with an analogy: you have multiple files in a file cabinet which you access and review in different ways and at different times, presenting knowledge and ideas in different ways to different people. Your ePortfolio is a powerful tool. What I learned to say is using ePortfolio is a powerful process. Read more [...]

The Tunxis [Digi]cation Experience

Tunxis now has five years' experience using Digication. While no system is perfect, overall we find the system flexible, aesthetically pleasing, with an improving assessment ability. Read more [...]

St. John’s University – Technology Story

As a result of research and development surrounding ePortfolios, the School of Education launched a pilot project in 2007-08 and adopted the venture for the Undergraduate Education Program in 2009. Originally when ePortfolios were just starting to be used at St. John’s University we utilized Taskstream. This tool was selected after reviewing comparable tools on the market at the time like Livetext, Digication and Sakai. With limited resources and a list of demands from administrator focused on assessment we made a good decision at that time. We found the Taskstream platform to be extremely focused on assessment at that time with less flexibility on the front end as it related to the interface and social components Read more [...]

Guttman CC – Using Technology to Connect Our Learning

Our ePortfolio platform, Digication, enhances student, faculty, and institutional learning. By situating student learning in a more visible context, ePortfolio connects pedagogy with outcomes assessment and professional development. Read more [...]

Stony Brook University – Technology Story

Our first steps in our eportfolio implementation was to review Stony Brook’s institutional mission and get to know the faculty, students, administration, support staff, and programs at Stony Brook. How would the eportfolio process enhance learning and research at Stony Brook? Before introducing eportfolios, it was essential to know and understand our teaching and learning culture. It also was essential to identify the “Bright Spots”. What programs and faculty on campus were practicing student-centered, integrative and inquiry-based learning in their traditional and online classrooms? Read more [...]

CUNY SPS – Technology Story

Rather than being simply a new technology or new platform, ePortfolio has been a catalyst for changing the way that our online courses are taught. Read more [...]

SFSU – eFolio platform since 2005: accessible and economical

Beginning in 2005, SF State has used the hosted platform, eFolio, for its ePortfolios. Its accessibility features, good price point, and easy-to-use platform has made it an efficient solution to use across our large campus. Read more [...]

Variety and Student Choice: SLCC’s Technology Story

Our students use free Web 2.0 platforms to build their ePortfolios. SLCC supports three: Weebly, WordPress, Google Sites... Read more [...]

Rutgers University – OSP/Sakai: A Story in Flux

At Douglass Residential College we designed the E-portfolio to allow students to connect and incorporate their skills, coursework, co-curricular experience, backgrounds, values, and community involvement with an integrated, developing sense of identity. Read more [...]
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