Three Rivers CC – Scaling Up is a Process

Three_Rivers_College_278x278Our primary story speaks to growth of ePortfolio in the nursing department, focusing on technology initially and then realizing it’s about the pedagogy. Sustained use of ePortfolio is within the nursing department and some First Year Experience (FYE) classes. A confluence of events has led to 2014 welcoming a college wide ePortfolio assessment initiative but that will be a new story to tell. Read more [...]

St. John’s University – Scaling Up Story

St_Johns_University_slide_210x100The ePortfolio movement is gaining momentum at St. John’s University.  Since our official switch to Digication in October 2011, we have completed the first phase of our plan which included rolling out ePortfolio accounts to a third of the university community and faculty/student development.  We are now preparing for Phase II that will increase the number of ePortfolio accounts issued to two-thirds of the population.  This phase will also provide continued faculty and student development workshops on-and off-line with ePortfolios. With less than a year under our belt on this new platform, we see evidence that the university community has developed an awareness of ePortfolios and is beginning to get comfortable with the platform. Read more [...]

Hiking Over the Hump: SLCC’s Scaling Up Story

Salt_Lake_Community_College_slide_870x400Salt Lake Community College’s ePortfolio initiative is an ambitious one: Use of the ePortfolio is a requirement in all General Education courses, and so the initiative affects the majority of all students and faculty at the college. Read more [...]

Rutgers University – An Open Loop: Scaling up and Scaling Down

RU_SS_FOver 1200 students have made their ePortfolios public within the Sakai site, and many others have shared the ePortfolios privately with instructors in the first year course. Read more [...]

Queensborough Community College – Scaling Up Story

Queensborough_Community_College_slide_870x400EPortfolio on the Queensborough Community College Campus might best be viewed as a series of initiatives, each with a different focus and scale, with some interlap and collaboration..... Read more [...]

Scaling Up Story: Picking Up the Pace with ePortfolios

pu_scalingPace University’s mission is to graduate critically thinking professionals. Over the years Pace adopted ePortfolios as an academic passport for students to experience a dynamic educational experience. Read more [...]

“Where are you going, Where have you been?” NCC’s ePortfolio Project is Growing Up

norwalk_scaling_practicesFrom platform, to purpose, to potential: the evolution of ePortfolio at NCC is based on asking tough questions, sheer tenacity, and a core of perpetual learners. Where We Are Now Randy Bass notes that part of the complexity of scaling an ePortfolio initiative is because the practice “must straddle both established and emerging paradigms of higher education.” In other words we must intentionally use practices and strategies and shift to a paradigm of systems and networks—across the traditional Read more [...]

Northwestern Connecticut Community College – Building Reflection and Teaching Connections through ePortfolios and Professional Development

NCCC_SCALING_storyWhat makes the ePortfolio program at NCCC unique is that it is completely faculty driven. Read more [...]

Lehman College – The “e” in ePortfolio Stands for More Than Electronic

lehman_scaling_up_storiesIn the very beginning, several faculty members began to evaluate online portfolios or “electronic” ePortfolios as an educational tool for graduate and undergraduate education students to document academic and professional development, organize and showcase their work and reflect on learning artifacts in alignment with programmatic goals, objectives and national standards. Read more [...]

LaGuardia CC – Growth and Change at LaGuardia: Our Scaling Up Story

lagcc_scaling_upIn our Scaling Up Story, you will learn more about how the college has grown its ePortfolio program from 800 ePortfolios to over 80,000 and the ways in which ePortfolios at LaGuardia are a central part of our identity as a learning college where integration, inquiry, and reflection are successful components of our educational mission. Read more [...]
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