Scaling Up Stories

The C2L campus Scaling Up Stories provide rich, detailed descriptions of ePortfolio projects from their beginning explorations to their current implementation state. In these stories, you will learn more about our C2L partners’ developmental histories, the challenges they have faced, the strategies that have been most useful to their work, and the successes in their ePortfolio project implementations.


Scaling Up at Boston University: ePortfolio and Assessment at the College of General Studies

Our grant-funded, college-wide assessment of two years of general education at our college provides detailed data for program assessment and suggests a high degree of student learning in our program. Read more [...]

CUNY SPS – Scaling Up, Scaling Back

As we scale up our project, we continue to offer workshops for faculty interested in adopting ePortfolio, focused on course-based ePortfolio integration and the use of reflection and social pedagogy. Read more [...]

Hunter College – Developing an ePortfolio Initiative from the Ground Up

Professional development has been at the center of Hunter’s ePortfolio initiative from its beginning. When we embarked on our ePortfolio initiative, we already had a successful faculty development program for teaching and learning with technology in place; we were able to incorporate professional development around ePortfolios into this existing framework, which has since grown to include ongoing seminars for faculty. Read more [...]

Scaling Up ePortfolios at a Complex Urban Research University: The IUPUI Story

Enthusiastic leaders were not enough: early efforts fell short. We retrenched and revamped, listened carefully to stakeholder needs. Today we have a rich mix of ePortfolio projects. Read more [...]

From Paper to Pixels, Looseleaf to Links: A Seemingly Simple Transition of the Manhattanville Portfolio

What began as a transition from our paper Portfolio system, turned into a much larger and more fulfilling examination of our Learning Core. Read more [...]

Northeastern University – Ingredients for Scale

ePortfolio use in undergraduate programs at Northeastern is currently at its greatest level of breadth and depth and at the same time far from “scaled” or institution-wide. The question remains, is that necessarily a bad thing? Read more [...]

SFSU – Scaling up while drilling down: How an expanding ePortfolio initiative dives into the first-year experience

As part of Connect to Learning, our well-established ePortfolio initiative expands into small learning communities for first- and second-year low-income, first-generation, underrepresented students. Read more [...]

Doing Things Differently: Scaling Up at Guttman Community College

Guttman Community College opened its doors to its inaugural class of students in August 2012, with ePortfolio as the centerpiece for student and institutional learning. Read more [...]

Scaling up at Tunxis Community College

Intentional decisions regarding faculty and programs led to systematic growth of the project on campus over the years. Read more [...]

ePortfolios at Virginia Tech: Our Scaling Up Story

Over the past six or seven years, Virginia Tech has grown its use of electronic portfolios from three or four small pilot groups, to instances of portfolio activities in all Colleges across campus and over 14,000 students involved in portfolio processes. This growth is largely a result of top-level support and a discipline-based grass roots development, where faculty are not required but are encouraged to use ePortfolios in ways that emphasize and promote student learning. Read more [...]
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