Professional Development Campus Stories

In their Professional Development Stories, C2L campuses paint a rich, textured narrative about their professional development histories, principles, and activities. They talk about how their professional programs began, how they obtained administrative and financial support for their programs, and their successes and challenges along the way.

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Lehman College – Faculty Reflections After Initial Professional Development Series

At the very beginning of our ePortfolio journey, we captured what one faculty member thought about ePortolios (video and quotes). Additionally, through post-professional development reflections, we learned how faculty felt about the a 6-session workshop series and about ePortfolios generally. Read more [...]

Three Rivers CC – Professional Development through Reading, Preparing for Presentations and Published Work

Thomas Angelo asks us to model the pedagogies we choose to nurture in the classroom as our professional development; using that foundation we collaborate through iterative discussions and investigations developing presentations and publications synthesizing our work. As we develop presentations we are inquiring about ePortfolio pedagogy, technology and assessment, reflecting on the work of the students and ourselves and then integrating the work to strengthen connections and formulate propositions. Through the presentation and subsequent reflection we empower the making meaning process for ourselves. Read more [...]

Three Rivers CC – Learning through Jams–Professional Development

Professional Development is a cornerstone of project implementation. Jams, collaboration with C2L colleagues and expert guidance from grant leaders promoted TRCCs’ growth. Here is our story of how we strengthened our outcome assessment abilities through the leadership of Laura Gambino, Bret Eynon and the C2L team. Read more [...]

Northeastern University – Letting Learning Serve as the Driver

Leadership is key to sustained the sustained growth and depth of impact, but it is equally important to create a space in which faculty can let their professional passion serve as the driver for curiosity and motivation to learn. Read more [...]

Boston University – The ePortfolio Portal to Professional Development

We adopted ePortfolios at the College of General Studies (CGS), Boston University, because we were looking for a means of assessing the impact of our program; we certainly got that, but along the way several faculty have expanded their areas of academic expertise and have won grants to support our electronic portfolio work and presented numerous papers and posters on ePortfolios at national and international conferences. Read more [...]

University of Delaware – Five Step Professional Development Support Process

UD's professional development support required a customized approach which included five steps in an outlined sequence that was flexible and adjusted based upon the client’s needs and level of preparation. Read more [...]

IUPUI Professional Development: Learning Planned and Unexpected

IUPUI’s professional development experience teaches the value of flexibility and supports our cautionary maxim that “You’ll never get it right the first time.” Read more [...]

Manhattanville College – Faculty Development Offered with a lot of “TLC”

Our professional development approach is best characterized by our centerpiece program, Teaching and Learning Circles (TLCs). The acronym “TLC” not only conveys a message of nurturing that we feel our faculty deserves, but also our commitment to modeling the kinds of collaborative and reflective learning experiences we hope to promote, both for ourselves and our students. Read more [...]

Keeping Pace: Teaching Circles as the Cornerstone of Pace’s ePortfolio Project, our Professional Development Story

Through semester-long, hands-on workshops which encourage application and reflection, faculty members from across the University’s diverse schools and college engage in the incorporation of ePortfolio into their teaching. Read more [...]

SFSU – Learning communities—they’re not just for students!

A core element of the Metro Academies Initiative (Metro) is the cross-disciplinary faculty learning community. The community works together throughout the year to link their courses, develop pedagogy and curriculum, share best practices, and integrate ePortfolios into their classrooms. Read more [...]
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