Queensborough Community College – Outcomes Assessment Story

Queensborough_Community_College_slide_870x400Queensborough Community College is attempting to raise the graduation and retention rate of all first time, full time students, and believes that high impact strategies are an important component towards this realization. Read more [...]

Pace University – Increasing our Pace: Measuring Student Learning using Rubrics and ePortfolios

pu_oaInterdisciplinary and cross-departmental teams of faculty and staff members use rubrics to review and rate student work in ePortfolios, looking for authentic evidence of student learning Read more [...]

External Drivers: NCC and Outcomes Assessment

norwalk_oaEven though a project may be firmly grounded in a bottom-up, faculty-driven environment, you can’t underestimate the power of accreditation agencies and legislative mandates. The link between Outcomes Assessment and ePortfolio is still developing at NCC. On an institutional level, the General Education Taskforce used ePortfolio (Digication) to assess student writing in one upper level course. The plan is to expand this assessment on a regular basis. On a programmatic level, Early Childhood Education, Read more [...]

Northwestern Connecticut Community College Outcomes Assessment with ePortfolios: An Overview

NCCC_OA_storyePortfolio is being used for outcomes assessment at NCCC, but our project is still limited in scale. Read more [...]

Northeastern University – Are We Who We Think We Are?

Northeastern_outcomes_assessment_storyePortfolios provide a window into student self-perception. Viewed as a whole, an ePortfolios is a construct of identity created by the student. Viewed as a collection, ePortfolios depict a community of learners, making it possible for us to spot patterns that are not readily apparent in enrollment statistics. Read more [...]

Guttman CC – Outcomes Assessment: Making Student Learning Visible

OAGuttman faculty and staff engage in a continual process of “assessment for learning and improvement” conducting holistic assessment of student learning through their ePortfolios. With a widely established implementation of ePortfolio for Outcomes Assessment, our practices are transformative, providing opportunities for learning at the course, program, and institution level. Read more [...]

Manhattanville College – Sky’s the Limit: Using our bold history to make the most of our digital future

manhttanville_oaStanding on the shoulders of a forty-year-old portfolio tradition, we are exploring all of the ways in which this rich history of assessing the quality and character of our students’ learning through their paper portfolio submissions can lead to a promising digital future of ePortfolio-based Outcomes Assessment. Read more [...]

The Story of a Learning College: The Evolution of Outcomes Assessment at LaGuardia

lagcc_oa_storiesLaGuardia's pervasive culture of assessment was highlighted by LaGuardia’s accrediting body (Middle States Commission on Higher Education). Our method focuses on utilizing ePortfolio for collection and demonstrates the value of engaged faculty input into the outcomes assessment design to continually close the assessment loop. Read more [...]

Lehman College – Outcomes Assessment & Student Learning

lehman_OA_storiesOutcomes assessment is not new to teacher education programs, as data demonstrating student learning is a major component in program and national accreditation, and in turn impacts curriculum decisions. Read more [...]

IUPUI – Assessment Is Everyone’s Business

Indiana_outcomes_assessment_storyOur challenge is sometimes to persuade programs to look beyond assessment to ePortfolio's potential to support student learning and development. Read more [...]
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