Outcomes Assessment Stories

Assessment is often a pivotal step for the scaling up of ePortfolio initiatives. This linkage can be understood as strategic – helping stakeholders see the ways that ePortfolio can be used to meet key assessment needs. In this regard, ePortfolio serves as a connector, bringing disciplines together with General Education and stakeholders’ institutional needs with everyday classroom practices. These stories also showcase ways in which ePortfolio, when used a part of outcomes assessment processes, helps make student learning visible to stakeholders and helps to spur institutional learning and change.

Campus teams shared their Outcomes Assessment narratives across a developmental spectrum:

    • Transforming: Campus projects with a strong or widely-transforming ePortfolio for Outcomes Assessment.
    • Developing: Campus projects that have a well-established developing or are at a moderate stage of using ePortfolio to support Outcomes Assessment.
    • Emerging: Campus projects that are at a more emerging stage in terms of using ePortfolio for Outcomes Assessment.


Assessing General Education at Boston University’s College of General Studies

Our assessment project at Boston University’s College of General Studies uses ePortfolio to evaluate student learning in our general education program. Read more [...]

University of Delaware – Assessment – Integral to the TLA

The University of Delaware has ePortfolio projects at various stages. New programs such as Nursing would be identified as emerging as they explore the best platform to meet their accreditation needs. While other more seasoned programs such as the Undergraduate Research Program resides at the other end of the spectrum and provides students with a transformational ePortfolio experience where they reflect upon their research experience and receive feedback from peers, program assistants, and other external parties. Inquiry is focused upon ePortfolio thinking about the research process, targeting their personal goals, and reporting upon their progress. Student integrate their research with their major and well as their career plans. Read more [...]

Tunxis CC – Outcomes Assessments: Focusing on Abilities

The Business Administration Program at Tunxis has developed an integrated outcomes assessment program focused on program and general education abilities which begins at the students’ entering the program and culminates in the final program capstone course. Read more [...]

Three Rivers CC – Decide to Assess; where can it go?

Choosing ePortfolio as a tool for assessment creates new perspectives and builds stakeholder focus on teaching and learning. ePortfolios contain authentic student work, ePortfolios with statements as to why artifacts demonstrate outcomes provide insight into actual learning. Read more [...]

Stony Brook University – Outcomes Assessment Story

ePortfolios for outcome assessment are being piloted in the Honors College of Business, Technology and Society/Technology Management Systems, Undergraduate Colleges Leadership and Service and Information Systems, Biomedical Engineering Senior Design, Dance and Somatic Learning, Long Island Alternative Energy Consortium’s ESTeP minor, Engineering Internships, Electrical Engineering Online, and Writing and Rhetoric programs. Faculty, with the support of the ePortfolio Program Manager, Assessment Specialist, and the ePortfolio and Media Consultants, will use the assessment feature of Digication to document and report on student performance and learning outcomes. Read more [...]

St. John’s University – Outcomes Assessment Story

Currently the School of Education’s Student Teacher Program is the only program that is using ePortfolio for Outcomes Assessment. When the university adopted the ePortfolio concept last year, it was the hope that in time we could use the system for TEAC and Middle States assessment, tenure, and common core. We are moving in the process of changing the culture towards assessment within the School of Education and St. John’s University, and recognize each step will require significant time. Across Read more [...]

CUNY SPS – Outcomes Assessment Story

Our eportfolio project has focused on course assessment and assessment of the ePortfolio project itself. Read more [...]

San Francisco State University – Outcomes Assessment Story

Just as our ePortfolio project grew from the local level, our outcomes assessment is also growing from the local level. Read more [...]

Assessing General Education Outcomes with ePortfolios at SLCC

Salt Lake Community College uses ePortfolios to examine for the first time the extent to which its students are attaining essential learning outcomes. Read more [...]

Rutgers University – Creating our System: Strategic Planning for Outcomes

We are currently setting the stage for a sustainable data collection and analysis framework for the residential college; once we establish this framework, we will review specific program outcomes and practices, including ePortfolio practice. Read more [...]
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