Boston University – The ePortfolio Portal to Professional Development

When we began looking into electronic portfolios as a possible means of assessing student progress in our 2-year, interdisciplinary general education college, we never imagined that our work would lead us to receiving over $300,000 in grant funding, nor did we think that several of us would regularly be making presentations about ePortfolios at national meetings of the AAC &U (American Association of Colleges and Universities) and AAEEBL (Association for Authentic, Experiential and Evidence-Based Learning). But that, in fact, has been the case, and the result is that several of our members now have a substantial second field of expertise to add to the one they began their careers with, and other colleges across the country are consulting with members of our college (CGS) as they begin to develop their own electronic portfolio projects. The professional development that our faculty has experienced in this project has led to a stronger sense of professional accomplishment, a richer understanding of our academic program as a whole, and more robust annual reports for those involved, and at the same time it has burnished the reputation of the whole college.

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