What Difference Does ePortfolio Make?

Examine the evidence documenting ePortfolio’s value. Based on campus evaluation reports, C2L findings suggest that sophisticated ePortfolio initiatives can advance student success, deepen student learning, and spur transformative institutional change.

Catalyst Framework Essays

Reflection, Integration, and ePortfolio Pedagogy

Reflection helps students integrate and make meaning across learning experiences. And reflection is more powerful in community. Cross-campus Catalyst analysis highlights ways that integrative, reflective, and social pedagogies shape effective ePortfolio practice. To read more about Pedagogy, click here.

Outcomes Assessment and Institutional Learning

ePortfolio initiatives help campuses build effective assessment programs, going beyond accountability to "close the loop" and support institutional learning and change. To read more about Outcomes Assessment, click here.


What Does It Take To Make a Difference?

Analyze proven ePortfolio strategies across campuses. Effective ePortfolio initiatives don’t build themselves. The Catalyst for Learning framework (illustrated below) organizes the comprehensive, evidence-based resources campus leaders need to build a successful ePortfolio project.


What Do C2L Partner Campuses Do?

Explore 24 Connect to Learning campus portfolios, from Boston University to San Francisco State, Virginia Tech, IUPUI, LaGuardia Community College and more. Offering fully-rounded portraits of successful ePortfolio initiatives, portfolios trace growth and change and spotlight strategies for strengthening faculty and staff practice.
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